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Dr Konstantinos Fytopoulos
Psychiatrist - Homeopathic Doctor - Psychotherapist

Within the context of a psychotherapeutic, homeopathic relationship

Within the context of a Psychotherapeutic, Homeopathic relationship

One can:

Overcome flawed mental and behavioural models to awaken from lethargic mindsets formed by routine and habit

Take responsibility for one's life, connecting with the natural rhythms of personal development in order to realize one's true nature instead of what one thinks he or she is, or should be.

Build a close and confidential therapeutic relationship of trust and dependability, beyond facades and social roles - a therapeutic relationship that nurtures one's capabilities, fostering honesty, patience and respect for others, while also meeting existing needs

Explore one's unconscious reality through dreams, discovering new aspects of one's self where banished elements can be found - wise, beautiful and creative components of one's identity

Combined use of Homeopathy and Psychotherapy can significantly help a person in his or her treatment and in the path towards self-knowledge and transformation. It can dramatically increase the therapeutic potential of Homeopathy, especially in more difficult cases where psychopathology and personality disorders predominate. It can also facilitate in determining a homeopathic medication and in the establishment and deepening of the therapeutic relationship.